Vanguard Firmware Instructions

This page and all firmware files are for the Vanguard 400, 600, 3000 and 5530. Before downloading, please verify that you  have a Vanguard 400, 600, 3000 or 5530. These model numbers start with VG. If the model number follows # 140-xxxx-xxx, refer to Vanguard 3000 Legacy.


Before downloading the firmware files, please read this entire page carefully. The firmware update v1.0.6.177 includes enhancements and fixes. Reference the Cumulative Release Notes for details.


Watch the Vanguard 5530 Feature Overview >


Vanguard Firmware (v1.0.6.177)

Download and apply the v1.0.6.177 firmware:

Upgrade to firmware v1.0.6.177


Important Note: Starting with firmware, a Configuration Import may update the cellular APN in use.  See the Release Notes below for more detail.


Vanguard Firmware Update Documentation

Vanguard Cumulative Release Notes >